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Money, Worth, & Codependency

A lot of us codependents have problems earning money, keeping money, & spending money on ourselves.

Sometimes we think we can eliminate the problem of not having the kind of money we want to have without addressing the underlying factors that created that scenario in the first place....but that’s not how it works.

Are you willing to let go of the belief that you are unworthy of whatever it is you want—be it more money, an amazing relationship, your dream job, a loving relationship with your body, a pet pony???

Are you willing to let go of that belief? Some people just aren’t.

The thing is, a lot of you don’t think it’s a belief.

You just think “I can’t afford that, I could never do that, I can’t have/do/be that.”

And you say that as if it’s a fact.

It’s not. It’s a belief.

It’s the belief that you are not worthy of the things that you’ve decided you can’t have.

So whatEVER it is in your life that you’re telling yourself you aren’t worthy of having, you will never have if you’re still telling that story. If you’re still CHOOSING that story.

Your beliefs—whether you’re conscious of them or not—run (sometimes ruin) your life.

I love you so I have some powerful suggestions for you:

Find out what beliefs you have (that you think are just facts) that are holding you apart from what it is that you want.

Then consciously *choose* beliefs that support you in your desires and dreams & think them all the time ON PURPOSE.

And in the interest of the limited amount of time we have on earth—get support on your journey from someone like myself who knows wtf they’re doing & who does this day in day out with others who are struggling with the same issue.

You DO NOT have to do this alone, & it doesn’t serve you to tell yourself that doing it alone is the only way forward for you.

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