Whether you’re using it consciously
or not, your mind creates your life.

Your biggest asset in life is your mind, but it can be your biggest detractor if you let it go unmanaged.

You keep finding yourself in the same frustrating situations:

 the same terrible relationship, the same fight with your mom, the same self-destructive behaviors over & over again but you don’t know how to stop.

You’re too busy trying to mastermind your behavior and appearance and personality and achievements in order to get approval and validation from others so that you can feel happy, but somehow you just never feel good enough.

You’re terrified of abandonment and being alone, and you’ll do whatever it takes to keep someone around...even if they’re not good for you. You just can’t set boundaries, though you know you probably need to.

I know what it’s like to struggle with these things. I was there for over a decade, and I almost ended my life because of it. But I promise you: if you’re reading this, that means you have already taken a HUGE step towards prioritizing yourself in a way that may seem scary but that is essential for your wellbeing. This first step is the most important part. 

When you apply for my program & schedule your free call with me, I’ll send you a link to our zoom call. You can show up with video or without, totally up to you, and you don’t have to do any prior preparation in order to “be ready” for the call. The messier the thoughts, the better.


I will help you work through one of your biggest struggles right now, and you will come away from the call with clarity and peace that you couldn’t imagine before it.

Here’s what my clients have said about
just this first call with me:

“There really is something to this work. Honestly you helped me so much and I’m glad you asked me to do a free session with you because I was being shy and I wasn’t going to do it. But it really helped me to have you guide me through my problem one on one. I have so much more clarity now. It’s also really inspiring to know that you overcame this and I can too. Thank you so much.”


“I feel a lot better. Thank
you so much.
Life changing
stuff for sure.”


I never thought I could get here. How did that happen in just an hour


You have beautifully transformed the way I think about things and the way I approach life. And there are a million other things I could say. You also do this thing where in life we want these goals but we have this habit of being vague about them so we just think in our heads “well I want this” but we don’t actually look at it hard in detail. 


If you want to experience the same incredible transformation in just an hour, click here to apply for my program and schedule your free call.

is the exact voice that is keeping you stuck in a cycle of people-pleasing and self-neglect, and that’s the exact voice that you and I will practice moving past so that you can live the life you are dreaming of. We will do this in this free call, and you can go out and start living a better life immediately after.

That little voice in your head saying “not now, it’s not the right time, maybe later, one phone call won’t make a difference, I’m not ready, I should just be able to do this by myself”

“But Sophie, I’ve been to therapy like a million times.” 

So have all of my clients. So had I. And it just wasn’t what I needed. I didn’t want to dwell on my past. I wanted to stop my self-sabotaging cycles and move forward. So I found a coach who really understood my problem, I decided to begin this work, and I created a life that I could have postponed for who knows how long. I’m so glad I didn’t wait. You don’t have to wait, either.

“But Sophie, I don’t know if you can help me….my situation is pretty crazy.”

I’ve seen and heard it all, and I’ve experienced most of it myself. There is nothing you could bring to the call that we won’t be able to work through. My job as your coach is to be unconditionally loving and non-judgmental, and I take this approach 100% of the time. I welcome you to bring your full self to the call, knowing that you will be received with love and compassion, and belief in you even when you don’t yet believe in yourself.

“But Sophie, how could one phone call ever make a difference?”

Because I know what I’m doing. I’ve got you. The testimonials above are from women who came to the call not knowing what to expect, and who left with different mindsets, beliefs, and attitudes than they came with. Whatever you’re struggling with today, you can bring it to the call and we will work through it in our hour.

“But Sophie, I already know what I need to do in order to
move out of my codependent habits.”.” 


Amazing. So are you living these improvements on a daily basis in all areas? Or is there something holding you back from really putting the things you’ve learned into practice? If you do know what you need to do but just aren’t doing it, there’s a block there & we can work through it in our hour together.

“But Sophie, I should just be able to do this by myself.”

Says who? The toxic independence that keeps you trying to be everything to everyone, while neglecting yourself day after day? Is that really a way of being that you want to continue? What if I told you that it was a sign of strength to ask for help? You don’t have to source your sense of pride from your ability to endure pain and suffering anymore. A new way to live is available to you if you’re willing to say “you know what? I am willing to believe that asking for help with this is okay, and even admirable. I am willing to decide that I deserve to be happier than I am right now. I am willing to decide that I can trust myself to know what I want, and I want to feel better. I am willing to be vulnerable enough to admit that I don’t know how to do this by myself. I am worth this hour. I am worth this attention and energy. I am worthy.”

“But Sophie, I’m too busy this month.”

And you will be busy the following month. There will never be a time when your brain(that loves routine and hates change) will just happily allow you to do something that is identity-threatening, like deciding to no longer be a people-pleaser, or deciding to set boundaries with your mom or your boyfriend.

It’s not a matter of “when do I have the time”. It’s a matter of “I am unwilling to go another day living like this when I know a happier, better life is available to me”. That’s the choice I made, and that’s the choice you get to make right now if you want to.

© 2021 by Sophie Shiloh

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