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Let's up that intuition,

shall we??

1. Allow room for experimentation. When you're starting to trust yourself for what might be the first time, let yourself start with "smaller" decisions that carry less weight. Play around there, and as you get a feel for the ways in which your intuition speaks to you, use it in bigger and bolder ways.

2. Go inward. Every time you notice the urge to ask someone for their opinion or for instructions, make the decision to go inward for direction instead. "I know the answer, I know what to do" is your new mantra. Remember that often you can FEEL your intuition rather than THINK it. Your body is your best friend here.

3. Be patient. You've spent the last 10/20/30/40+ years valuing other peoples' opinions above your own. Learning a new way of life will take time, and that is OKAY!! There is no rush here. Any amount of progress is valid and amazing.

"Is it fear, or is it my intuition???"

This is one of the most common questions I get from clients, & I want to help you find the answer within yourself.


Here are my top 3 tips for getting in touch with your intuition:

Hi! I’m Sophie. 

My passion and purpose is helping women struggling with codependency stop people pleasing and start living the amazing lives they’ve always dreamed of living.

For most of my life I was stuck in a codependent cycle of resenting others, blaming others for my emotions and my circumstances in life, and trying to control other peoples’ lives and emotions in an effort to feel some sense of purpose and self worth.​


After discovering the origin of my codependency & healing it in every area of my life, I decided that I had to help others do the same.


Now, almost a decade later, I help my clients go through that same process in my 1:1 & group programs. There is nothing I love more than helping women transform their pain into purpose and ignite passion and love for themselves and their lives.


Looking for some quick wins in healing 

your codependency?


1. Check out The Codependent Millennial podcast. Each week I bring you new insights and tools that will help you heal your codependency & build a life that you truly love.


2. Come say hi on Instagram @CodependentMillennial where I have tons of helpful IGTV videos, I do mini-trainings every week, & I host powerful free challenges a couple of times per year.


3. Explore coaching: If you are ready to take this work deeper and heal your codependency once & for all, we might be a perfect fit to work together. If you want to learn about how coaching can change your life on a private call with me, click here to fill out the application. Can't wait to talk with you soon!


And be sure to check your inbox, because each week I send out all sorts of valuable codependency-related resources!

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