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Whatever it Takes

A few years ago, I started a jewelry company that is still going strong today. So now that you know that this story will make sense. One night, I was working on a special custom project for a customer, and I had to get pretty creative with it because I didn't have some of the fancy tools you're "supposed" to have in order to do that specific kind of work.

I laughed at myself in that moment, and I thought back to all of the crazy ways I had worked around various obstacles in the process of building and running that business.

I wanted to give up plenty of times...on a specific project, on a strategy I was trying in my business, or on myself and that company altogether.

I am so glad I never did. I'm so glad I kept focusing my mind towards a "whatever it takes" mindset instead of a "what's the point, let's just go do something less challenging" mindset.

We're just over a week into the new year, and I'm feeling amazing about all of my huge goals. I know that over the course of pursuing these goals I will feel exhausted or challenged or confused or frustrated, but I know that this doesn't mean that anything has gone wrong, it's just proof that I'm really pushing the boat out and demanding more of myself. This is what it means to be in the “whatever it takes“ space. This is my favorite place to be.

Cheers to this new year! I hope it is happy and healthy and wonderful for you, and I hope you never, ever, ever let the sticks and stones on your path make you turn around and stop hiking. The big waterfall you came to see is just up ahead.

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