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What Thoughts Are You Choosing to Think?

When we think thoughts like:

“I never finish what I start,”

“I’m a perfectionist,”

“I just can’t find the time to start that project,“

we’re covering up a thought that we don’t want to acknowledge that we have.

When these thoughts come up for us, it would be more accurate and honest for us to think:

“I’m afraid of failing",

“I don’t yet have the courage to try and risk failure and I don’t want to admit that to myself or to others,“

“I would rather give up than try because I don’t want to experience the discomfort of committing to something and seeing it through.“

Choosing to think and commit to the thoughts “I’m a perfectionist“ or “I don’t have enough time“ lets you off the hook for accepting the risk that is attempting to accomplish something that for whatever reason scares you. Deciding to think and believe that you just can’t seem to finish the projects you start relieves you of any responsibility to try.

Do you want to achieve your goals more than you want to hold on to your thoughts and stories about being a perfectionist, or about being too busy, or about being flighty? Your answer might be “no“, but it’s important to tell yourself the truth about this either way.

Today, try to question the thoughts you’re choosing to think about yourself. Are they conducive to you being the version of you that you want to be? Are they keeping you stuck? What thoughts do you want to start thinking about yourself instead? Write them down…and if you feel so inclined, share your new thoughts with me on Instagram, I’d love to hear them!

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