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The Most Important Choice You Will Ever Make

The most important choice you will EVER MAKE is the decision to live your life for YOU rather than for ANYONE else.

Which problem would you rather have? Really think about this:

Would you rather have the problem of the pain, regret, and sadness of not fully living your own life?

...Or would you rather have the problem of the discomfort of setting boundaries with others, deciding to stop people-pleasing, and making decisions from within rather than looking for permission from those around you?

One comes with the reward of knowing yourself, trusting yourself, and living your most authentic, full, happy life.

And one comes with the “”reward”” of pleasing others and being “”liked””....until the next time they need to be pleased again because you did something they didn’t like.

One is freedom, one is self-imposes bondage.

The choice is yours, and it really is the most important choice you will ever have the privilege of making.

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