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My 2-Step Process to Dissolve Regret & Resentment

If you're spending time lamenting the past...

If you think you were robbed of a future that you think is now unavailable to you because of something in your past...

There are the ONLY 2 things you need to do in order to melt that awful grudge-y feeling and build the life you really want.

Ready? Here they are:

1. Show compassion to yourself for the feelings of anger, pain, sadness, grief, or loss that you may be resisting or trying to avoid. If you can be gentle, kind, and loving with yourself while you actually feel the sensation of these feelings move through your body instead of getting stuck in them, you will be able to let them go instead of turning them into life-long bitterness and disempowerment. .

2. Focus on your future. The past is the past. It happened. And one day, if you decide to, you'll see your past in a grateful light for the gifts and growth it gave you rather than in resentment for what it took from you. When you decide to create exactly the life you want regardless of how many odds were against you, resenting the past no longer interests you. You realize that YOU are the most powerful force in your life, NOT your past, and grudges and regret simply don't entice you anymore. You've moved on. And you're thriving. .

That's it, my loves.

Compassion For Your Emotional Journey + Future Focus = Total Control Over Your Life.

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