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More Intimacy is the Answer You've Been Looking For

Did the title of this blog post scare you?

Does the thought of opening yourself up to more intimacy make you want to retreat and escape and maybe just….not?

Do you have recurring challenges in relationships, with money, with your goals, and internally with your own emotional state that you cannot for the life of you seem to figure out?

I’ve been there. After years of dissatisfaction in all of the areas mentioned above, I finally got so exhausted by the life I was living that I decided to dive into creating a life I actually loved. It was then that I was confronted with the difficult realization that my deep fear of intimacy, vulnerability, and authenticity had been the cause of most of my problems. I want to suggest that a fear of intimacy might be the cause of the problems you’re experiencing in these areas, too.

I got to work. I decided that I wouldn’t let another day go by where I let fear hold me back from what I wanted anymore. Ironically, this decision itself was terrifying (and some days it still is), but it’s one that I would never ever take back.

Increasing the intimacy I have with myself led to self-trust, self-compassion, and self-love that will never leave me. Increasing the intimacy I have with others led to truly meaningful relationships based on acceptance and love rather than manipulation and appearances that enhance my life every day. Increasing the intimacy I have with money led to a huge reduction in stress, appreciation for what I had/have, and excitement about the future that is based on belief and action, not on hopes and wishes. Increasing the intimacy I have with my goals led to me tripling my business, learning self-accountability, and accomplishing more than I ever thought was possible for me at this point in my life.

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