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Codependency & Exhaustion

You’re exhausted. I know. That’s what codependency does to us.

It says that you can’t stop, that you have to be everything to everyone, that your wellbeing doesn’t matter, that your concern for everyone else has to come way before your concern for yourself.

Your codependency says that you don’t deserve rest or care.

That you haven’t done enough to earn it. That you never could.

I believed those lies for years.

I made myself sick, and miserable, and lonely, and resentful.

And then I learned how to ACTUALLY value myself, how to actually care for myself, how to actually love myself and respect myself enough to treat myself well for the first time.

More than the improvements in my career and in my relationships, the shifts I made in how I treated myself have been the best part by far of healing my codependency.

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