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An Exercise for Getting Into Alignment

Are your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs aligned with what you want to be/do/have/feel? If we’re walking down a clear path but every few steps we veer left then right then backwards then forward again, we’ll either never reach our destination or it’ll take exponentially longer than it could if we just stayed the course. What this means in relation to our desires and goals is that when we hold contradictory energies/thoughts/feelings around what we want, we’re not a clear channel for it to come through into 3D reality (yet). If we want to own a dance studio but we have a belief (which is a habit of thought that we have complete control over changing) that dancing is frivolous and not a “real career” or whatever, we’re not going to allow ourselves to fully live out that dream. If we want to take a long trip by ourselves for the experience of the adventure and not for some “productive purpose” but we have the belief somewhere within us that adventure for adventure’s sake is wasteful and selfish and not practical, we are not going to let that dream come true for us. When our energy is unclear or contradictory or downright hostile around a dream of ours, we will find a way to sabotage it every time no matter how hard we may outwardly be working towards it. I designed an exercise for you to use whenever you want to align yourself with whatever you want and I’m so excited to share it with you now. Explore a few of your dreams and goals and look at your energy around these desires. Don’t worry about picking the “biggest” desires; any of them will be perfect for this exercise—and remember—there is no order of magnitude with miracles.

For each desire, ask yourself: 1. Is there anything I think or believe that would make me doubt my ability to have this? 2. Is there anything I think or believe that would dissuade or discourage me from going after this? 3. What thoughts about this can I start choosing to think that feel better/more expansive/more empowering? Write those down, say them out loud, and start to program your subconscious with possibility and empowerment and belief in yourself—not in those old fearful lies you adopted along the way somewhere that have been holding you back for too long. This is a perfect introductory guide to creating your dream life. Try it for 7 days and let me know what shifts for you.

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