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3 Ways In Which Fighting Prevents You From Having What You Want

I’m an Aries💅🏼 sooo I love fighting. Love it so much. But before I learned how to harness my fiery power instead of letting it control me, I was living in a constant state of frustration rather than flow.

If you are a fighter, or if there is something in your life that you keep (unsuccessfully) trying to FORCE or control, I have some things to share with you.

We think we just need to fight harder, or smarter, or differently, or for a longer period of time. It’s not true.

What happens when you fight something in order to get what you want is this:

🔥you deplete your energy.

🔥you close other doors/alternatives.

🔥you repel what it is you actually want.

When you’re fighting and fighting, you might be pushing hard against a brick wall or pushing against the current of a river. You exhaust yourself, but the river never changes course and flows the other way. Ask yourself: what am I fighting against that I could flow with instead? Why am I resistant to this idea?

When we are trying to force and force something, it’s like we’re trying to knock a door down that’s locked, but we don’t even notice that there is an open door right beside it. We’re so consumed and attached to this one door that we block off all other paths for us getting what we want. Ask yourself: where/how am I cutting myself off from the infinite possibilities that exist for me? Why am I so attached to this one door?

When we are so attached, so obsessed with control in an area, unwilling to let the process unfold in a natural way, we actually end up repelling what we are trying to call in/attract/create. Desperation is never attractive. Neediness is never alluring. I’m not even talking about people here, I’m talking about energy between you and anything you want in your life. Ask yourself: what am I afraid will happen if I stop fighting or pushing or trying to control? What in me believes that I can only get what I want by force?

If your life isn’t going the way you want it to right now, take some time to engage with the questions listen above.

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