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10 Reasons Why I'm Proud of My Codependency

10 reasons why I’m proud of my codependency, & you should be too:

1. It originated from a deep love for those around me, & a desire to lessen suffering...and I’m proud of that.

2. It is indicative of my big heart and my deep compassion, and I am proud of that.

3. It means that I am not cold, not uncaring, not willing to look away when others are hurting, and I’m proud of that.

4. It shows that I’ve been through a lot & refused to give up, & I am proud of that.

5. It taught me my greatest (and yes, most painful) lessons because I was open to receiving them, & I am so proud of that.

6. It helped me know myself and others in a much more holistic, comprehensive way, & I’m proud of that.

7. It helped me release judgment of myself and others and develop understanding and compassion that helps me serve my clients, & I’m proud of that.

8. It forced me to look at the parts of myself that I was most ashamed and afraid of...and it forced me to choose between staying alive and not being alive anymore. I chose to stay alive and do life FOR REAL & I’M SO PROUD OF THAT.

9. It is the reason I know now that love never hurts & I am so proud of that.

10. It will always be a part of me & it helps me be more of the Sophie I want to be, and I am proud of that.

Your codependency is NOT something you need to feel shame about, but it IS something I recommend healing.

Shame does not have to be a part of your healing journey.

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