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The Codependent Millennial Podcast

Sophie Shiloh

I will help you heal from codependency by delving into the most important issues that contribute to it, like people-pleasing, emotional childhood, insecurity, enmeshment, resentment, and so much more. By listening to this podcast and implementing what I teach, you WILL create a life that you truly love, even if you don't yet believe that's possible.


Most Popular Episodes

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1. Codependency 101

In the first episode of The Codependent Millennial Podcast, Sophie takes you through the basics of what codependency is and how it affects your life. She also introduces her free resource for self-healing. 

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14. People-Pleasing

Stop accommodating people at your own expense in an attempt to control the way they think and feel about you.

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18. Self-Sabotage

I'm sharing ALL of my secrets to eliminating self sabotage and the most important part: eliminating its precursors.

If you can eliminate the SOURCE of self-sabotage, you will eliminate self sabotage naturally. It won't even be an issue.

I promise you: if you listen to this episode and do the exercises I assign in it, you will stop the cycle of self-sabotage.

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