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Give the Gift of Coaching this
Holiday Season

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Look no further!

I'm excited to announce that you are now able to give the gift of 1:1 coaching!​


A gift of empowerment, of encouragement, of guidance, of unshakeable self-love.


A gift that will continue to give for years and years and years—because the shifts that you make in a coaching session will change your life forever.


I will even send a certificate displaying & explaining this special gift to your loved one (including a personal message from you) printed on beautiful, luxurious paper that will be a delight to receive.

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This year, give a gift that is truly life-changing.

Click the "Buy Now" button below to give the gift of coaching.


This gift includes:

  1. 3 full coaching sessions with me

  2. Unlimited email support between sessions

  3. A 30-minute follow up session to discuss progress and next steps to move forward with all the tools you’ll learn in those 3 full sessions with me

  4. Recordings of our sessions and access to my notes

  5. BONUS: Access to my exclusive Codependency Cure Workbook, which you only get if you're a full client of mine -- consider this my holiday gift to you!


This package was designed to give your loved one all of the tools, the confidence, and the clarity they need to move forward in whatever area of life they feel stagnant, dissatisfied, or unhappy.

If you’d like to give this amazing gift to someone you love (or if you would like someone you love to give this gift to you) click the button below to purchase for $750.


"I completely underestimated the power of Sophie's guidance. When I say that my life was changed after the very first call she and I had, I'm not exaggerating. I know it sounds too good to be true. It sounds like I'm just gassing this up. It feels like I should have had to struggle harder, to get to a point where the very fabric of my life was altered.


But it's the truth.


It wasn't that the call was perfect or seamless--honestly, at first I felt so awkward and exposed. But Sophie knows exactly how to meet you right where you're at, and she uses a gentle strength completely unique to her style that helps you recognize the parts of your life you have the power to change. (Hint: it's all of them. And that's not an exaggeration, either.) For me, that meant undoing decades of insidious, self-sabotaging habits that had defined who I was as a person. Sophie literally took the biggest struggle of my entire life and walked me through how to solve it in a matter of hours.


It's okay to live an okay life. But today I feel like I am truly alive, and it's thanks to Sophie. I can attest that her coaching will translate into visible, immediate results in your mind and right before your eyes.


Even if it sounds unbelievable, that is a fact.” ~Charlie

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“I just wanted to thank you for all of the coaching throughout the past 6 months. You helped me immensely. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to coach with you, and am excited for each and every client who has the same privilege. You are a phenomenal coach, and the world is better because of the work you are doing.” ~Secia

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"Thank you so much Sophie <3 These calls are so powerful. I feel like I’ve done so much and looking back I see how things are so different. The work we’re doing is really fun. If we hadn’t been doing this work together, I would be spiraling in quarantine. I’m really happy with where I am because I didn’t think I could ever get here, and I’m really excited to continue doing this work." ~Raina

There is no better gift you could give than one that will truly change your loved one's life.

Click the button below to give the life-changing gift of 1:1 coaching.

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