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Doors are open!

Group Mentorship Program

The Codependency



The Codependency Cure is the only coaching program around that doesn’t just teach you how to recognize codependency in your life, but gives you a container to heal it completely AND a community to back you up when the going gets tough.


Every single tool. Every moment of accountability. All the support you could possibly need to unlearn people-pleasing, low self-esteem, poor boundaries, and so much more—it’s right here.

The most comprehensive codependency recovery program you can find (yep, I checked!).

Listen, love—this program is engineered to change your life. Full stop. But before I tell you why, let me explain exactly who I’m talking to.

Whether you’re…

Stuck in a quarter-life crisis (again)

Your friends are all having color-coordinated fall photoshoots with their families, and you’re just watching it happen. You’re scrolling through your timeline with Cheeto dust on your fingers ( Was that just me?). Your mom is driving you crazier by the minute and when you wake up, the most you look forward to is the glass(es) of wine you’ll be downing at the end of the day.

This was supposed to be the best decade of your life but you feel like you’re just getting through it. You’ve tried your best to be who you’re “supposed” to by now, but you feel lost and frustrated at every turn. You don’t even know who you are anymore.


Recovering from a break-up

that gutted you and is sending you spiraling into all your old bad habits. Your room is a mess. You stay up until 2AM convincing yourself not to send that text...but wind up sending it anyway. Your neck hurts from staring down at your phone and all that screen time is making your eyes feel like swollen cotton balls. You’ve always wanted to be the HBIC, with or without a partner, but somehow you keep winding up in relationships that look like inspiration for Lady Gaga’s next version of Bad Romance...

You put off eating or showering sometimes and you ditch your responsibilities, even if it means breaking a promise. You feel like you should be “over it” by now. Everyone seemed to see this coming except you and you’re so embarrassed about it.

Questioning your marriage

and struggling to hold your relationship together. You’re not fighting with your spouse these days...because you’re not interacting with each other at all. And actually, you can barely stand to be in the same room together. They’ve stopped asking how you are and you’re pretty sure they’re intentionally doing things to ruin your day. You spend so much energy tiptoeing around them, yet everything you do just leaves you both even more fed up. You’re too scared to ask your friends for help because you don’t want them to know how bad it really is, but not being able to talk to anyone makes the whole situation even harder.


And if you’re sleeping in different rooms now, well, at least you don’t have to put up with the snoring anymore.


The Codependency Cure was built for you. This is where you give your people-pleasing a break. It’s where you let go of the impossible expectations you’ve set for yourself and the people around you.

After this 6-month program,

you will...

  1. Master a simple, step-by-step framework to help you think through & solve any problem.  

  2. Discover exactly where your boundaries are, and how to honor them even when others don't.

  3. Start putting yourself first --without all the guilt & shame.

  4. Make any decision confidently, free from self-doubt and second-guessing.

  5. Leave or change toxic relationships that are harming you or holding you back.

  6. Let go of resentment you feel about the past and towards people you truly care about.

  7. Quit the self-sabotage that comes up when you’re overwhelmed, afraid, or unsure.

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But most importantly, The Codependency Cure will give you the strength to stand up for yourself and create the life you want, and free you from worrying about what other people think ever again.

Sound too good to be true? Check out what current
Cure members are saying right now.

You wanna know the coolest part? Their program isn’t even over yet.
They’re seeing results after less than 2 months.

The Codependency Cure will change everything for you.

Enrollment for this round has a waitlist already & will close soon.

The last round of The Codependency Cure sold out.


And people have been waiting for this round to open up for months.


So if you want in, now is your chance. You have until 11:59pm EDT on February 14th to reserve your early bird spot. After that we’ll stay open until February 28th, and then we start on March 1!

We’re only taking 10 members this round.

(I like to have a close, personal relationship with my clients so I keep the groups at 10 women maximum.)


And if we sell out before the early bird deadline, well...that’ll be the end of it. There’s no guarantee we’ll be open after early enrollment.

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I built The Codependency Cure to be totally value-packed. In fact it’s designed to get you the same results as my one-on-one clients, at a fraction of the investment it normally takes to work with me.


What’s inside:

Private Slack community where ALL the resources are housed: weekly lessons, book and podcast recommendations, individual wins and struggles, memes (yes, we have a meme channel and YES, it’s my favorite).

Access to me on weekdays in the Slack community answering any question and responding to every meme (a very important part of my work).

Lifetime access to Codependent Millennial monthly alumni coaching calls that you can bring any question to. For the rest of your life!

The EXCLUSIVE Codependency Cure workbook. This is a massive textbook of over 120 pages, 100+ writing prompts, daily journaling that goes beyond the length of the program, and worksheets to correspond with our weekly group coaching calls.

Fun fact: the ONLY way to get your hands on this book is by working with me.

24 weeks of group coaching calls to cover the topics that are having the biggest impact on your life now, and how to address them—people-pleasing, processing guilt and shame, perfectionism, the patriarchy, you name it. I’ll even give you on-the-spot coaching if you’re really stuck on that week’s topic.

​Recordings of each group coaching call uploaded to our private podcast thread. Download and review any lesson whenever you need to.

VIP BONUS:  A 20-minute private coaching session with me for those who choose to pay in full. Let me say just this for all the codependents in the back: you don’t have to solve all your problems on your own. Bring me the #1 issue that’s hounding you these days and I’ll give you the focused, intense, powerful coaching that I normally reserve for my private clients. I guarantee you’ll walk away with one less problem. 👌


Month Additional Slack Support ($333 value) - Join now and get access to the private Slack community for a full month before the official group begins on March 1. Get personalized help from me on weekdays in the channel right away, and start diving into the codependency recovery resources I’ll be sharing there. This is gold!!

Hard Copy of The Codependent Millennial Workbook + Expansion Pack (priceless) - A physical copy of my monstrous, totally exclusive workbook mailed straight to your door, no matter where in the world you are. This is the ONLY way to get a hard-bound copy of this book. (Seriously—I wouldn’t even give one to my best friend when she asked!) Experience the difference it makes when you put pen to paper during your journey through the Codependency Cure.

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When you enroll before 11:59 pm EDT on February 14th you get these

incredible bonuses:

Fast Action

If you’re ready to quit the codependent lifestyle, I don’t want you to wait until March 1. These bonuses mean you start tackling that shit TODAY.

“This sounds incredible but I don’t think I’m going to do it,” stay with me for a sec.

If you're telling yourself,

The Codependency Cure Group Coaching is worth a shot if
any of these sound familiar:


You just want to feel like the real YOU again. You don’t remember when exactly you started second-guessing everything, but now even the tiniest decisions feel hard. You rely on the people around you to validate every choice you make. You spend your days hyper-aware of how everyone else is feeling. You’re terrified of doing or saying the wrong thing. And you’re exhausted by feeling that way.



You’ve already enrolled in a dozen mini-courses, watched 1,000 “self love” webinars, and follow all the trendy IG therapists. And still you’re falling back on old habits. It’s not that you’re not motivated to change! You just haven’t had the accountability you need to see things through. Healing from codependency is really tough work, and without a strong support system it’s just too easy to walk away.


You want to know what it feels like to make an investment in yourself. You’ll drop everything the moment someone else needs you, but when it comes to spending your resources on your #1 (that’s you!), it always gets pushed to the bottom of the list.


Woman Facing Away
Image by freestocks



You KNOW you’re not happy with the way things are, even if you’re scared to make a change. You’ve made it this far down the page, so I know you’re angry about something. I know you must be sick of doom scrolling, and overeating, and swiping your credit card left and right, and wondering when your next relationship will fail...


But I’ve been listening to you. When you email me and reply to my IG Stories and comment on my posts, you’ve told me that you want to make a change. You KNOW you’ll stay stuck unless you have accountability. Save your spot in this course before you go off to splurge on another shopping spree, and let’s make that change happen.


You’re not sure if now is the right time...but it IS time to switch things up. Because let’s face it. The “right time” is just a fantasy our brains use to keep us in places that feel familiar. Here’s the thing about codependency: it doesn’t get cured by you thinking to yourself, I’m ready to be done with this. You only recover from it by digging deep into your thoughts and behaviors, and working hard to shift them. If that’s a step you’re ready for, I’m ready to take you there. 


Do you see yourself up there? I hope so.

Image by Michael Walk


Yet as amazing as this program is, I know there will be people who just aren’t a good fit.


This round of The Codependency Cure might not be for you if:


  • You can’t afford to put food on the table. Sometimes self-care means covering your basics. Please make sure you’re looking after yourself. 🖤

  • You want an easy fix for your struggles. Coaches weren’t invented to hold your hand. We’re there to make you stronger than you could ever be on your own, and sometimes that means holding you accountable to do the things you’re afraid to. I’m going to show up for you 100% in this program and that’s where I want you, too.

  • You don’t believe that people should marry whoever they want, that all bodies are good bodies, and that Black lives matter. Sorry not sorry. 🤷


Still undecided? Drop me ANY questions or concerns you have. I'm just a click away.


This is your last chance to get personalized, focused codependency coaching from me

this year.


Where will you be in 6 months?


Will you still be…


  • Saying yes to plans when you’d rather say no?

  • Spending money you don’t have on food and gifts for your friends?

  • Buying designer bags that make you feel more important but don’t make you feel any less lonely?

  • Tiptoeing around what you say to your partner because you’re afraid of upsetting them?

  • Resenting your family because you take such good care of them, but they don’t take care of you?

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The part that makes me really sad is that those are all real-life examples.


Real people I’ve met who weren’t ready to change the way they see the world. Real people who didn’t want to try building a life they weren’t totally miserable to live.


I don’t want that for you. But the choice is yours.


I’m not opening up enrollment for the group again until winter 2021.

That's a long time to keep yourself on the back burner. 

So what will you do with the opportunity in front of you?


Will you join me and 19 other amazing individuals to rediscover yourself and learn how to tell the whole world exactly who you are?

I know you have big dreams, my love.

Is this the year you’re finally going to make them happen?


6 payments


Buy now

pay monthly

One-time payment


Buy now

Save $325 +Get
VIP Bonus

2020 flipped our world upside down.


Sometimes it just feels like the bad news never stops coming. Jobs lost, innocent lives stolen way too soon, leadership failing when we need it the most, numbers growing more dismal by the day…


It’s been tough. It’s been more than tough. This year has strained us in ways we could never have imagined.

But I find that when shit starts to really hit the fan, it puts everything into perspective. Maybe this time last year you were grinding away, trying to save up enough to take a trip at Christmas. But maybe this year you’re spending your weekends bringing your mom the bread you just learned how to bake.


Perhaps last October you were waking up on autopilot: wake up, work, gym, sleep, repeat. Maybe this October you’re working out a routine that actually gives you something to look forward to.


And maybe last fall the biggest thing you had to worry about was where you were going for brunch, not whether the future of democracy as we know it rested on your ballot.


I am staunchly anti-toxic positivity, so I’m not about to give you the recipe for taking lemons to make lemonade.


But this massive, societal shift in perspective is exactly why I think this year was the perfect time to launch The Codependency Cure. Because now that shit’s hitting the fan, we can see what we really need to be happy more than ever before. We realize that our outer world is really just a reflection of our inner world.


For example...working hard to save up is nice, but it’s not more important than having free time to spend with my family.


Building a stable lifestyle is comfortable, but curating habits that let me explore outside my comfort zone means I can live with zero regrets.


Brunch is good (SO GOOD), but being civically engaged and building communities that uplift everyone? That’s priceless.


What has this year changed for you? What do you wish you could go back to? 


And what do you hope will never be the same again?


I hope this world changes for the better. There is so much good we could be doing. But we’ll never see that happen until we heal ourselves first.


And that, my love, is the real reason I want you in The Codependency Cure. Let's build a beautiful, healed world--starting with ourselves.


Join me today, and let’s make this year your best one yet.

6 payments


Buy now

pay monthly

One-time payment


Buy now

Save $325 +Get
VIP Bonus


AKA, Frequently Asked Questions-and-things-people-say-
when-they’re-unsure (Yes, we just made that a word.)

 How do I know I’ll see real change after joining?

The ONLY way you don’t see meaningful change come from this program is if you don’t do the work. If you’re active in the Slack community, joining us for calls, filling out the worksheets, journaling consistently, and asking me and your fellow members for help when you’re won’t believe how quickly things will start falling into place for you. This isn’t meant to be a casual journey of self-betterment; this group is for anyone who is ready to stamp out their codependency for good.





What if I only want to join for x many months?
Codependency is something we’ve been conditioned for since childhood, and it’s not going away overnight. Six months might sound like a big commitment, but we’re using that time to cover the most important concepts for unlearning codependency PLUS make sure you have time to implement everything while you have access to me and your community support. Each month is structured to cover the fundamentals of healing codependency, and we’ll probably cover topics you haven’t even thought of yet!





What if my spouse doesn’t want to spend the money?
If you were sick and needed medicine, would they spend the money? If you were unskilled and needed education to be a functioning member of society, would they spend the money? Ultimately, you know the state of your finances better than I do. But if you’re tired of paying the price of struggling with codependency, maybe it’s time to invest in the healing that will free you from that burden forever.





I’m not sure now is the right time for me.
Feeling resistance to change is totally normal. But here’s what I’m worried about: if you know this is something weighing you down and you don’t commit to doing this work today, when will it get done? I’m actually asking. Because I can guarantee you will not find a better experience that teaches you how to heal codependency AND gives you the support you need to actually implement

what you learn.



It’s okay to set boundaries and feel comfortable with your decision. But if feeling comfortable now means you stay codependent even longer, just know that that’s exactly what I want to help you move past.

Are you ready to get
your life back?

6 payments


Buy now

pay monthly

One-time payment


Buy now

Save $325 +Get
VIP Bonus

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"Thank you so much Sophie <3  I’ve done so much and looking back, I see how things are so different. If we hadn’t been doing this work together, I would be spiraling. I didn’t think I could ever get here, and I’m really excited to continue
doing this work.
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"I've been super codependent as long as I remember and since I've been working with Sophie I know & can tell myself: You are already enough and worthy of love. I love you just the way you are. You are my favorite person. I'm here for you, my girl. And that feels like a huge step up for me.”

secia (1).jpg


“I just wanted to thank you. You helped me immensely. You are a phenomenal coach, and the world is better because of the work you are doing.

Stressed Woman
Woman in Pain
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