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If you've ever thought:
"I need an apology from my parents"
these videos will change your life.

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Watch this one first:

Watch this one second:

These videos were made in response to a text I received from a subscriber.


I posed this question to my subscribers:

"What would it take for you to not lose another night of sleep over attempting to manage & control your partner's/mom's/client's/boss's emotions?"


In response, this subscriber answered:

"I think it would take maybe an apology and space to hear me out with no judgment.


And knowing that no matter what happens in the future with my parent's emotions, I can handle them and still feel accepted and okay.


I think I'm afraid of their emotions towards certain things because I'm scared of rejection from my own parents about my boundaries and how it would make me feel about myself.


Like their emotions say something about who I am."


I received so many responses saying essentially the same thing.

 I knew I had to address this concept of "needing an apology" to clear any misunderstanding  about this common belief.

Hopefully these videos are helpful to you if you've been wanting
 an apology and approval before you can feel okay about setting an important boundary or just living your life.


Enjoy, & send any follow up questions to me at

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